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Redline distributes USGA sand and other soil amendments to the golf and sport turf industry.  These products are used in both new construction and maintenance of these facilities.  A very common practice when maintaining a good sports turf or golf playing surface is topdressing.  Redline provides a variety of standard as well as custom topdressing blends which can contain peat soil, grass seed, & other organic matter upon request.

Redline also specializes in providing the very best divot replacement sand that can be either the sands natural color or died green to keep the course looking aesthetically as pleasing as possible.  These divot mixes can also have seed and organic matter added to have turf damaged repaired as quick as possible.

Redline also distributes Diamond Pro Products, which is a complete line of professional sports turf groundskeeping products.  These products include Infield Conditioners, Marking Dust, Infield & Warning Track Mix.

Diamond Pro Products

In a short period of time, Diamond Pro developed a more complete line of professional groundskeeping products and today it has established itself as a leader in the grounds keeping industry. Professionalism, superior products and outstanding customer service are just a few of the many reasons Diamond Pro has reached this level.


Professional Mound Clay

Our History

In the late 90’s, a hard-working husband and wife team recognized the golf and sports turf industry needed a vendor primarily focused on providing USGA spec sand and related products.  In 2000, Gary and Sharrelle Larson started Redline Golf & Sports Sand, based in Letts, Iowa.  For two decades, the Redline staff provided high quality products and superior service for construction and maintenance on golf course and sports venues across Iowa & Illinois.

After 20 years of hard work, devotion to the industry, and an extreme passion for customer service, Gary & Sharrelle decided it was time for retirement.  In November 2020, Redline became part of Wendling Quarries, a company established in 1958.

Wendling is a family-owned business based in Dewitt, IA with limestone quarries and sandpits across Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois.  The joining of these proud family companies has enhanced Redline’s ability to serve our customers.  Redline Golf & Sports Turf Products offers landscape stone, mulch, pulverized fine topsoil, and other products specific to the sports turf industry.  We are continuously adding to our lineup of products.

We at Redline are committed to honoring the legacy that the Larsons created.  We do this by providing the best customer experience possible along with great products to make your turf the best it can be.

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